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Oysters in Cancale

Cancale is a little fishing village between Saint Malo and Mont Saint Michel, at the Bay of Mont Saint Michel. Although the village offers a nice beach and great sailing and water sports opportunities, there is one main reason to visit Cancale: Oysters.

This is one of the most famous places in France for Oysters and if you are in the area, you should consider visiting to try some fresh Oysters. In travel guides the “market” at the Porte de la Houle is recommended and this is where you might want to go: one word of warning though: it´s not a “posh” market, but just some tents with fisher men and women selling Oysters. You will get a dozen for about 5-6 Euros and they will open the Oysters for you. Then you take a sit at the harbour wall, put some lemon sauce on your oyster, cut it through and get them down.

For beginners, like me, you might want to go with the smallest size and aim for half a dozen.

I liked them, but I am not really convinced about the hype about eating Oysters.

You can also get Oysters in every (literally!) restaurant at the harbour, if you want to eat them with more style and have some wine with them. You might also see french people, who have brought some wine with them to the harbour: also a great idea.

More pictures from Cancale can be found at our german speaking Blog, !

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Valentines Day Special – the perfect romantic Hot-Spot!

the "Blütenschloss"

The Blütenschloss

Hotel Gams in Bezau, Vorarlberg is the romantic hotspot for some special days with your partner. This hotel was built around the idea to give couples a perfect time out from the daily hassles. I have a lot of friends, who visited it once with their girlfriend (or wife) and now they have to go back there over and over again, as their partner believes this to be the perfect present.

I visited Hotel Gams two years ago with my then girlfriend (now wife) and we had some excellent days. After receiving a welcome drink, we were shown our romantic suite – it had a lot of space, a feature fire place, and it was spacious. The spa area of the hotel was my favorite place – it is buried into the ground and offers everything I could ask for. Hotel Gams also offers delicious food (15 points, 2 hauben in Gault Millau) with an excellent choice of Austrian and international top-wines. The building itself consists of the original Hotel Gams, build in a very traditional way, and a modern extension, in which the Suites are located (called Blütenschloss). Over all the hotel offers, what it promises – a perfect place for couples, who want to find a break out from busy daily life and enjoy some very special days.

If you are still looking for a very special Valentine present or you want to surprise your partner with something very special, you should definitely have a look at this romantic place.

Homepage Hotel Gams – click here!

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A great place for the most important day of your live

Every girl dreams of becoming a princess and on your most important day this dream may come true.

Take me, for example – two years ago my beautiful wife and I got married and we had the perfect location just around the corner. We live in the medieval town of Feldkirch and just next to the historic city center there is a small Castle located on a hill, where people can marry. We had decided to only have a small wedding, without too much hassle, and we still managed to turn it into something very special without too much organisational pain! This was possible because of the great team Schloss Amberg offers. They took care of all the things we were too busy to think of or we just wanted to have others to care for – we chose the food, they organized catering, we wanted music, they booked it and so on.

Some impressions

What really impressed me, was the flexibility – we had a very small wedding, with about 35 guests – but we could have invited 300 guests and there would have been enough space. But still, we had the Castle for ourselves and we were not lost in a huge hall, but had the perfect room for our group. Moreover there is an official branch of the registrars office in the castle – therefore it is possible to marry there legally (which is not that easy in Austria).

They also offered us a lot of services that we did not need – like a limousine service, fireworks etc.

I believe many people, especially from overseas, dream of marrying in a castle – if you are looking for convenient service, a great location and good value for your money, you should consider Schloss Amberg.

An additional surplus is, that you are in one of the most beautiful areas of the world for your honeymoon already.

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