About me, this blog and the world


I am Gernot and you are reading my Blog! Welcome, and enjoy the ride:

I am a long time Tourism Expert who is currently setting up his own company – http://www.happyheartofeurope.com – together with a partner.

Our aim is it, to provide unique and special trips to Central Europe for people from overseas. Highest quality and adventures of the beaten path, shall make this holidays something special for our guests.

In this blog I intend to give some background information about our company, some comments on the world wide Tourism scene and a lot of stories about the region I live in and which I want our guests to discover. This stories are not based on my companies business, but on my personal experience.

Whoever reads this blog will quickly discover where my Interests are – as I am going to tell a lot about me. Just some small facts – I was born in 1977, studied in Innsbruck (Austria) and Loughborough (UK) Political Science and am married to a wonderful wife. I live in Feldkirch, a beautiful medieval town in Austria, right at the border to Switzerland and Liechtenstein. I have worked as a marketing manager for a Gaming Company and one of Austrias biggest Architecture company, before starting my tourism career as Destination Manager in the Brandnertal, Austria. My hobbies include Skiing, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Reading and, of course, Traveling.

Gernot on the Vordere Niedere, Bregenzerwald, Austria

Although I studied Political Science I will not feature Politics to often – unless Politics is directly influencing my field of work.

I strongly encourage everyone reading, to participate – give me your feedback, ask your questions … I am happy to help and I can stand critic. Please do not use my blog to post advertisments. Talking about your company, your interests etc. is okay – but Spamming my website will not be accepted.


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6 responses to “About me, this blog and the world

  1. So happy I found your blog! I went to Oberlech last weekend to ski. Can you recommend any other great ski towns? Looking forward to reading more of your posts and good luck with the company!

    • Gernot S


      What kind of Skier are you? Rookie, Intermediate, Expert? A Piste-Junkie or an Off-Piste Fan, looking for Apres Ski Action or rather interested in a quite location? There are a lot of areas to chose …
      Do you want to sleep back in Stuttgart or will you stay for a couple of days (that would extend your range) …

      Give me some idea and I can give you some recommendations!

  2. Hi Gernot! We are actually snowboarders and mostly board piste, but enjoy off-piste as well. However, we haven’t gone hiking (more than 30 mins) for that great off-piste run. We are looking for a weekend destination about 3-4 hours away and snow conditions mean more to us than the apres-ski scene.Looking for a place with great runs and nice people. Thanks for your help!!

  3. Guenther

    Great idea, keep on going.

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