Ulm – a hidden gem in Southern Germany

I want to introduce some hidden gems in Western Central Europe, the region I work and live in. I start with Ulm, a small city at the Danube river, in Baden-Württemberg, just across the border to Bavaria.

Visiting Germany it is important to not only see the bigger cities, but also to have a look at some hidden gems. Due to Germanys inglorious history, a lot of the medieval city centres were destroyed, especially in the bigger cities. Therefore small cities, with a long history, like Ulm are very precious.

With our company we want to make people aware of this hidden gems and to point them to interesting spots off the beaten path. Ulm is a great example for one of many Cities that are perfect for a wonderful day in Germany and which may not yet feature in your travel plans.


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4 responses to “Ulm – a hidden gem in Southern Germany

  1. I love small, unknown (to the outside) towns!

    Courtney Mara

  2. Great post! I just moved to Stuttgart and am having so much fun discovering Germany. It really is such a beautiful country.

    • Gernot S

      Hi … enjoy your stay in Germany.
      As I just saw on your blog that your next destination is Oberlech – do not miss out on Anthony Gormleys Installation “Horizon Field” – it will be removed in Spring and this is one of the last chances to see the “Iron Men”
      Here is a link to this Art Project in the Mountains

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