Going to England – where to get the best rates on your flights

This week there was a guest blog article on this blog. It was themed around “picture perfect places to visit in Cornwall”. This blog normally concentrates on stories about visiting Central Europe, as this is the region I live in and have great knowledge of. But I believe that many visitors from overseas also want to see other regions of Europe and I want to show some places that are worth visiting outside my region, too.

I chose Cornwall as first example, as it is quite easy and affordable to get to England from my region and vice versa. Today I would like to give some advice on how to combine England with Central Europe.

Getting to England from Western Central Europe is quite easy. There are dozens of airlines which connect to London and other major English cities. I want to point out some of the connections I use, for my visits to England.

Ryan Air

Ryan Air is the number one low cost carrier in Europe. In the beginning they only connected to a couple of airports, but there are more and more connections open for travellers. They are especially attractive to people who travel without luggage, as anything else than hand luggage is charged extra and makes the flights considerably more expensive. Good connections from Ryan Air from Central Europe are:

  • Memmingen (Munich West) to London or Liverpool
  • Salzburg to London
  • Bergamo to London, Manchester, Liverpool and East Midlands


Easy Jet

Another low cost carrier with good connections to my region is Easy Jet. They are comparable to Ryan Air and quite often you can find good prizes for days on which Ryan Air flights are not available for good fares.

  • Bergamo to Bristol
  • Basel/Mulhouse/ Freiburg to London (the airport is located in this triangle, on part is on French, the other on Swiss area)
  • Salzburg to London
  • Innsbruck to Bristol and Liverpool



This carrier is part of the Star Alliance, so it might be attractive to people who want to collect miles or have spare miles from their business flights. In my opinion Swiss offers the best rates of the Star Alliance; its always worth to check out their offers, as you might get great rates. An additional plus is the great chocolate you get on flight!

  • Zurich to London (Heathrow and London City), East Midlands, Manchester
  • Basel to Heathrow and Manchester
  • Geneva to London City


There are lots of additional offers, as the Airports of Munich, Zurich and Milan are all well connected, so make sure to check out other flight connections, too, if you are not satisfied with your results. These three airlines are definitely the place to start looking for your connection between Western Central Europe and England.

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