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Twitter included … Update to this Blog

At this years ITB I did not only meet a lot of people and followed some seminars, I was also quite strongly looking at the discussions that were led about this events on Twitter. Looking at very successful travel bloggers  I realised how important Twitter is as a tool to follow and also to have discussions. I do not have to many followers, but using the itbberlin hashtag, I got involved into some discussions and it was a great experience, to get instant feedback on my thoughts.

Furthermore I got some new followers, who gave me some great input, when I was doing some sightseeing in Berlin on Saturday. I hope I can support them as much, whenever they hit my area!

I decided to put my Twitter stream onto this page – so you can have some insights in my everyday life. I use it mostly in English, but some things might be in German, too. If you like my tweets, feel free to follow me … I promise I will have a look at your tweets to (and there is a high chance, that I will re-follow). You can see it on the right hand side.

Another tool that came up, somehow surprisingly, was Foursquare.com. I tested foursquare two or even three years ago, but it was not really developed in Europe back than. After Facebook introduced Facebook Places, I almost quit on foursquare.com … Now I discovered, that this well traveled professional travel bloggers are all using foursquare quite heavily. It allows you to share your visits over Facebook and Twitter easily, and itself developed to a really good tool. I decided to return, as I believe this might be something really helpful for people. I will use it quite a lot to develop lists and feedback on the places in my region. So if you ever come to Western Central Europe connect on foursquare and you get my personal opinion about a lot of places.

In the upcoming days I will reflect about my Berlin experience and put on some photos … I hope you will like them!

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