5 great Places to grab a beer in Innsbruck

Recently I wrote about architectural travels to Innsbruck and gave some information about the places I love to visit when in Innsbruck.

Today is Saint Patricks Day and to celebrate this I am going to follow up with my favorite places in Innsbruck to have a beer.

1. Krahvogel:

This bar is near to the Town hall in the Anichstrasse. Krahvogel has a huge variety of different beers – bottled and on tap. You get some decent Austrian Beer, but you can also have some of the best from the rest of the world, with a strong focus on Europe. I also love their food offer …  This is the place I visit almost every time I am in Innsbruck.

2. 11er-Haus

This restaurant has almost the same offer regarding beer and food as the Krahvogel – as this two restaurants belong together. The crowd here normally is a little bit younger, and I like the interior of the Krahvogel more, but in Spring and Summer the 11er-Haus has one of the best places to sit outside in Innsbruck. As it is located just next to the famous “Goldene Dachl” – Innsbrucks landmark. If you are lucky to get a seat there, you can have some delicious beer and food and you have plenty to watch as most people pass by and there are street musicians and acts doing their performances.

3. Hofgarten

This location is another great place – it has two functions: during the day it is a big beer garden within the imperial gardens (Hofgarten) of Innsbruck. In the evening it turns into a club, which is especially frequented by the Business Administration Students of Innsbruck, whos campus is just around the corner.

4. Bierstindl

Another great beer-garden. The Bierstindl is located next to the Berg-Isel-Jump. And it is a beer garden/ beer restaurant, that also offers a lot of cultural attractions. This one is frequented by Hipster and its sub-culture events attract a lot of intellectuals (and people who would love to be considered intellectuals). Apart from that they have a great beer garden and I hope it will be open for a lot more years. Unfortunately it is always on the brink of closing down, so visit it as long as it is still open.

5. Down Under

After going out in the first four places it might have got late – therefore the last two places are for people whos night, does not end at midnight. The Down Under is one of many clubs in the “Bögen” – underneath the railway track. This clubs and bars open in the evening, but they do not get crowded before 1.00 am. But from 1 am to dawn this are the places to be. I always loved the Down Under, as it is always busy, but never hectic and they play great music. Runner up is the Plateau – just a couple of Meters further down the road.

Innsbruck is a students town – so you will find new bars and clubs every year and there is a very lively Club-Scene, which evolves all the time. My 5 places have established themselves as classics and are a great starting point to Innsbrucks nightlife (or endpoint – Down Under) … if you want more variety, go there and ask some people about their favorite places: I am sure you will get some really great advice.


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2 responses to “5 great Places to grab a beer in Innsbruck

  1. Great Post! The Stiftskeller in IBK’s old town serves up cheap Augustiner Bräu and good tyrolean eats has always been a favorite. Also Theresienbräu is popular place for students. They serve up their own fresh brewed bier and have a great happy hour.

    • Gernot S

      Hi – thanks for your great feedback. I agree, both places are popular and a good alternative (they just did not manage to sneak into my top Five)

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